New Scent Blend "Protect"

A blend of clove, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary 

Protect...supports a healthy immune system, helps inhibit the spread of germs and guard against environmental and seasonal stresses. This essential oil blend was created based on research into the protective concoction used by thieves during the Black Plague.  It is highly antibacterial, antiviral and anti-infectious.  The roll on is perfect for use on pulse points when traveling, feeling under the weather, and as a preventative during seasonal changes.  The pure blend and reeds are perfect for diffusing in the house to prevent the spread of germs and cleanse the air.

Build Your Immunity

Remedies to Roll 014.jpg

Our Open blend is the perfect blend for building your immunity during the winter cold and flu season.  Blended from oregano, thyme and cedarwood with hints of eucalyptus and fir to stimulate the immune system and fight infection.  Opens the lungs and sinuses while keeping germs at bay.  Apply to pulse points during flu season to help protect and build your resistance.  For sensitive individuals or children, apply to bottoms of feet at night.  For the home, use the Open all natural reeds or pure Open blend in a diffuser to cleanse the air and help stop the spread of germs.