Eucalyptus Essential Oil  eucalyptus globulus

   Physical:  Promotes deep breathing and relieves respiratory complaints.

   Clears mucus, decongestant, aids concentration, eases headaches.

   Emotional:  Lifts depression, promotes contentment and opens heart to universal love.

   Cooling and calming to emotions due to over excitement and moodiness.

Orange Essential Oil  citrus sinensis

   Physical:  Helps stimulate congested lymph, bile production and aiding digestion of fats.

   Helps ease cold and flu symptoms by opening the chest and improving breathing.

   Emotional:  Useful for anxiety and nervousness.  Lifts depression, brings joy and opens creative


Rosemary Essential Oil  rosmarinus officinalis

   Physical:  Stimulates nervous system, motor nerves, adrenals and sluggish gallbladder.

   Improves poor circulation and eases muscle and rheumatism pains.

   Emotional:  Improves memory, confidence, and creativity. Balances the mind and body.

   Helps release negative patterns, ease mental fatigue and nervous exhaustion.